Spending Big Money for Internet Leads...

… yet failing to convert to sales?

The Digital Road to a Sale will teach your staff to respond and engage with internet leads in the most effective way possible!

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Struggling with How to Use Social Media?

The Digital Road to a Sale will teach your staff to use Social Media sites to more effectively engage with your current customers. Then they’ll learn Awesome New Strategies to gain new ones and Sell More Cars!

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Want to Beat Your Competitors Online?

The Digital Road to a Sale provides your dealership with the tools and strategies to GUARANTEE ONLINE DOMINANCE over your competitors.

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Is your sales staff still waiting for the "Up Bus" to arrive?

But you do know it isn’t coming…right? The Digital Road to a Sale provides the most comprehensive and easy to use strategies to help your sales staff effectively promote themselves and your dealership. We’ll teach your staff to stop WAITING for something to happen and show them HOW to MAKE it happen EVERY DAY!
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What We Do…


Your staff will learn how to easily and effectively use video to connect with your future customers and quickly build rapport with them before they enter your dealership or that of your competitor.


We’ll teach you to Engage with your potential customers the way that THEY want you to.  Do this right and your competitors don’t stand a chance!


Converting an internet lead to a sale only happens if they feel like they Know, Like, and Trust you.  The Digital Road to a Sale provides you with a step by step process that makes this Super Simple!

How We Do It…

The DRS Platform:

Ensure that your social media sites are built, consistent, and compliment each other to maximize your content exposure.

  • YouTube Channel
  • Google Plus Page
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Account

These sites are strategically optimized for search and linked together to share your content as it’s uploaded to YouTube.  Each of these properties link to your Dealership website.  This combination provides a huge amount of content that with time will simply smother your competition in the search results.

The DRS Training:

This is not your Grandfather’s sales training program.  You will learn how to use the internet and meet your prospective customers long before they grace your showroom floor.

Including but not limited to; 3 days of offsite boardroom style training followed by 1 full day in store.

  • How to properly respond to internet leads.
  • How to shoot iPad video and Upload to YouTube.
  • How to Optimize your video to be found in Google and YouTube.
  • How to Use Facebook and other Social Media sites to sell more cars.
  • How to get more Google Reviews for your dealership.
  • How to dominate your competitors online.

Then we’ll help you to interact with buyers when they arrive at your dealership. You will effectively lead them through the proper steps to a sale.

  • Meet & Greet
  • Qualification
  • Walkaround Presentation
  • Demonstration Drive
  • Service Walk
  • Offer to Purchase “The Worksheet”

Follow this training to the letter and you will get better results when responding to internet leads.  Plus, more online exposure in Google and YouTube will send more buyers to your showroom at no additional costs. This program ensures that your people are well equipped to connect, engage, and convert today’s digital shoppers and SELL MORE CARS!

The DRS Follow Up:  1 Day Each Month

  • We will Film, Edit, Upload and Optimize at least one video.
  • Encourage and coach your team to use Effective Content with Social Media accounts.
  • Communicate the latest updates related to Social Media, Digital and Video Marketing.
  • Provide all measurable analytics related to online content.
  • Review progress with Dealer Principal and Management Team.

In addition we provide frequent Informational Webinars plus a Private MEMBERS ONLY portal with FULL step by step video training.

Our Customers…

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Jim, I wanted you guys to know that I am very impressed with the early results from using the Digital Road to a Sale system. The very first video we sent out to a prospective customer in response to his email query actually resulted in a sale! Not only that, but the customer was from Ottawa! He actually drove all the way from Ottawa to Tilbury, about 7 to 8 hours, to purchase this vehicle. The customer’s comments to our Sales Consultant were very complimentary; from “you’re good”, which was his first email response to the video, to “In all my years of buying vehicles I’ve never had a sales representative create a video for me.” There is no doubt in my mind that the Digital Road to a Sale system made the defining difference with this customer. This system works and I would highly recommend this program to other dealers. Thanks, and I look forward to your ongoing marketing support! Tom Mayhew

Dealer Principal, Tilbury Chrysler

“We’ve been on the Digital Road to A Sale for just over a year with great success! In May three of our new trainees delivered 16, 11 and 8 cars as a direct result of the training they received. I would recommend the Digital Road to A Sale to any dealership that wants to modernize their sales process.” Bob Cullen

Dealer Principal, Brian Cullen Chevrolet

Good afternoon, Jim, I just wanted to thank you for all the great content and guidance you’ve provided me over the past year or so. It’s astonishing that things have changed so profoundly in such a short time, but I suppose that’s the nature of the beast! If you’re not at least keeping up, never mind falling behind – you’ve become obsolete in a blink of an eye. As I mentioned to you when you were last in the dealership, the video on the black FX4 that you helped me put together for our client in Burlington was absolutely a significant contributing factor to closing that particular deal. Busy lifestyle and distance were major considerations for these folks, so when you can eliminate some of the “Will this just be a waste of my time?” hesitations by providing powerful video and audio confirmation…that’s a fantastic thing. A quick story that I haven’t had the chance to share with you yet – I recently sold our 2012 Cadillac CTS to a couple from Bobcaygeon, and while there was a cocktail of factors that lead to the ultimate success of the sale, I can’t imagine how the relationship that we ended up forming with this couple could have even got off the ground if it hadn’t been for that initial presentation of a video. They mentioned a number of times that the transparency and trust they eventually came to have in both the quality of the vehicle and in me…began with that video! Speaks volumes, don’t you think? Your local market is what you decide to limit yourself to, and nothing else. At any rate, I just wanted to show my appreciation certainly for the content you’ve presented during our training sessions, but also the really fantastic one-on-one specialized effort you’ve made for me as well. I bet you do that sort of thing for everyone, but you still made it seem like I was the only person on your agenda for our session together! Very, very appreciated. Thanks again, Virginia
Virginia Hutchinson

Vehicle Consultant, Blue Star Ford Lincoln

About Us…

Jim DeLuca

Jim DeLuca


Canadian Autoworld Columnist Jim DeLuca has trained literally hundreds of Salespeople and Business Managers in the automotive retail business.  Jim’s keen interest in technology and marketing led him to the idea of the Digital Road to a Sale.

Jim can be contacted at;

P. 905 865 8734 E. Jim@DigitalRoadtoaSale.com

Steve Allen

Steve Allen

Vice President of Sales

Steve has dedicated his 25 year career to the automotive industry, the last 15 years training F&I managers and sales teams to help increase their penetration of aftermarket products.  As an early adopter of technology with a proven sales record, joining Digital Road To A Sale was a natural transition. Steve realized, like the rest of the DRS team, that the real struggle and area of opportunity for dealers is the sales floor, specifically as it pertains to connecting, engaging and converting digital shoppers to sell more cars!

Steve can be contacted at;

P. 905 220 9306 E. Steve.Allen@DigitalRoadtoaSale.com

Matt Manteiga

Videographer / Media Manager

How To Get Started…

We’d be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss how the Digital Road to a Sale program can greatly enhance your online exposure, lead generation, and sales.  The meeting can be in person or online and you’re under Absolutely No Obligation.

Simply fill in the form below and we’ll quickly give you a call.  Yes, quick response to internet leads is an important part of our training.  Test us out…fill in the form below.

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